As a parent, I fully understand the challenge’s you have when you mention

‘let’s have a family portrait’

Your partner rolls their eye, your children run and hide, and you have to decide what you’re all going to wear. In the end, you just rely on your trusty smartphone to capture the image.

So how do we make taking your photograph less of a chore and more of an event that you will enjoy?

At Gene Ashe Photography we work with you, yes that’s right we don’t tell you that you have an hour’s appointment, where we will take 50 images and following the shoot you will view 20 highly retouched images, and then be expected to purchase images at inflated prices.

We do, work with you to find out what makes you and your family tick. We offer family photoshoots either in your home, on location or in the studio.

We don’t apply a tight time frame which allows you to relax and more importantly to have a shoot which is tailored to creating a personal experience for each and every client.


What to wear

We can advise you on outfits which will allow your photographs to really stand out. There are certain colours and patterns which conflict, but if you and your family want a vibrant image with patterns and different colours then that’s what we capture.

No isn’t in my photography vocabulary, but I may suggest that things would look better if you “mixed things up”

After the shoot

We will edit the images and arrange to meet with you to view your favourite portraits. Once you have chosen your images, we will take you through the different options.

You can choose how to present your favourite portraits and pictures either for your walls, albums or we also have some more innovative ways to show off your loved ones!

As part of the photoshoot, you will have access to your own secure gallery on our website where family & friends can order their favourites.

Download our packages and pricing

You might like to think about a variety of options according to what you would like to achieve in your family photoshoot, from a traditional studo portrait, to a fully stylised photo session. Perhaps you have a specific location in mind? Let’s talk about what you are looking to do and we can tailor a session to suit your requirements….

Portrait Photography from Gene Ashe Photography


Studio portrait photography is Creative, Exciting and Enjoyable all at the same time!

Why did you ask? Well, it’s Creative because there is nothing that cannot be achieved in a studio. We can create outstanding lighting setups, consistent colours and themes all designed to make you even more fantastic than you are!!

Exciting, as it’s our goal to ensure that you have fun, that all your preconceived ideas about a studio shoot are disproved and that we achieve as close to perfection with your images as possible.

Enjoyable, we at Gene Ashe Portrait Photography want you to enjoy your experience with us, we make sure the studio is welcoming and through our initial meeting we will understand what you would like to achieve.


So, you would like to book a family portrait session and a stylised portrait session, but what’s the difference?

A family session does not include make – up and styling. We will guide you on what to wear and how to prepare for your photoshoot

A stylised portrait session is bespoke to you, you will work with our hair and makeup professionals to decide on a style that you would like captured. We offer individual and group sessions so that you can either share the experience or be pampered on your own.

Portrait Photography from Gene Ashe Photography
Portrait Photography from Gene Ashe Photography


You have decided to book a Location Portrait, either for your family or as a special treat for you.

Well Gene Ashe Portrait Photography can arrange a photo session in one of your favourite places or I know of special, interesting and photogenic locations in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and the Thames Valley areas. (I have also shot in the Americas and Europe but that’s a whole different story!).

Great portrait, you put us at ease and I now have all my family together in one place.

I have just downloaded the shots and I love them – thanks so much! You did a brilliant job!


Fine Details

Each session is different, in the time allocated you can have anything from 10 to 100 images taken. However, only one image can be the one you fall in love with. You normally like all of them but you either restrict the number on cost or available space in your home. So don’t worry about the number of images, let’s see how many fantastic images we can create for you.

Don’t worry, children posing for the camera is fraught with problems. Tantrums are fine we will work with you to capture your prized image. If your child can’t cope, we will rebook the session although sometimes a tantrum photograph makes a great picture!!

If you have small children, book a time when they would normally be awake and happy – don’t pick naptime or just before lunch! We will accommodate early or late photoshoots which are outside of our normal business hours

It’s your photoshoot wear what you want! However, if you want longevity of your images, avoid motifs and fashionable clothing that may date. Try to choose colours the compliment each other and not clash. Lighter shades work better than bright shades for most sessions.

You know your children better than anyone else, speak to them before the event and don’t spring it on them. Explain to them that the photograph is about creating memories which you want them to be part of. Whatever makes them happy (within reason) has got to be the incentive to engage. Don’t tell them they have to attend because you said so, as guess what they will be the grumpy teenager!! If they are happy you will be, and this will show through in your portraits. I come and meet the family before the shoot to break down the barriers that normally exist when children meet new people. Children will become less self-conscious and reveal their natural side

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And reserve your date!